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Neighbors Community

Process for Reporting Complaints


Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) 

depends on residents in the community to help them identify code violations so they can be addressed.  

The first step in reporting suspected violations is to call 311 (301-883-4748) or file a report online at


Contacting 311 allows County officials to track complaints and route them to the appropriate agencies.

You can follow up on your complaint with 311 using your reference number. 

Contact DPIE if you need additional information at 301-636-2020.


Step One for County Complaints, Call 311!


Important Phone Numbers 

Abandoned Vehicles - 301-952-1873

Animal Management - 301-780-7200

Building/Construction Standards - 301-883-3820

Bulky Trash - 301-883-4748

DPIE Public Information - 301-636-2020

Enforcement Division - 301-883-6168

Licensing - 301-883-3840

Permits Center - 301-636-2050

Refuse, Recycling and Yard Waste - 301-952-7625

Rental Licensing - 301-883-3840

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